Mirjam Matti Gähwiler — 10.05.2019

“I chose to specialise in leather because I felt a strong, magical attraction for this material,” Yvonne Reichmuth explains. But she was also well aware that she was occupying a niche and thus focusing on a unique range of products.

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I’m so passionate about what I do that I can’t conceive of doing anything else.

Her creations are worn by a variety of music and film stars, including Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, Monica Bellucci, Gwen Stefani and Kylie Jenner. “It was not my original plan to market my products via celebrities.” But of course this very quickly drew attention to her brand.

Exchanges and experience

Being described as a “young entrepreneur” does not bother her at all. On the contrary: “What we do certainly has to be perceived as entrepreneurship.” After all, if you want to remain on the market over the long term you have to do more than create beautiful products. You also have to deal with business management and the commercial side of things, even though insufficient attention is paid to these aspects during training. “I’m an inquisitive person and have a wide range of interests,” Yvonne tells us. She has set herself the goal of learning everything she needs to in order to run her own business. Exchanges with others, and above all with experienced entrepreneurs, are especially important to her. “It doesn’t matter how many books I read, it’s experience that really counts.” You have to accept that you can make mistakes, she says, and always be ready to try something new. “I’m so passionate about what I do that I can’t conceive of doing anything else.” The combination of designing, creating products and formulating concepts and business plans is rewarding and fulfilling.

Rewarding work

In the tough environment in which she is active as an entrepreneur, there are bound to be setbacks from time to time. But experience has shown her that everything you give will sooner or later find its way back to you.


Yvonne Reichmuth established the YvY brand in 2013. Together with her team in a studio in Zurich she develops and produces leather accessories and sells them internationally.
In 2017, Yvonne Reichmuth was awarded the “Design Prize Switzerland” in the category for young textile and fashion enterpreneurs.

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