Peter Flückiger — 01.05.2020

Swiss Textiles and textile associations around the world are addressing governments, stakeholders and partners along the entire value chain with a joint statement.

The health, social and economic impact of the COVID pandemic is enormous. Shops and factories have had to close, companies are facing liquidity shortages, supply chains have been interrupted, contracts have been cancelled, employees are working short hours or have even had to be laid off. In the joint statement, the industry associations commit themselves to the following principles, among others:

  • Governments and financial institutions are called upon to bridge temporary liquidity bottlenecks quickly and easily. This is to the benefit of employers and employees.
  • Governments are called upon to work for open markets and against new trade barriers.
  • Companies are called upon to act in partnership within their supply chains, to avoid interruptions, not to cancel completed orders and work that has been done, and to protect the welfare of employees.

The joint statement can be found here.

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