Mirjam Matti Gähwiler — 17.05.2019

Clients from all over world get in touch with us, mainly in search of a solution to a specific problem,” says Simon Bernath, proprietor of TTS Inova AG. He enthusiastically describes his passion for developing customised textile fabrics and meshes for use in a broad variety of applications. For example, aramid tapes and ropes that can withstand temperatures of up to 250° C and are used in the steel and glass industries, or conveyor belts made of new materials to replace older models containing asbestos.

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I would like to set a good example and show people what they can achieve.

He has always been interested in analysing and experimenting, but he doesn’t do this entirely on his own. His father is always there to assist him. “Although my father is no longer active within the company, he still works together with me on the development of new products.” In some cases, developments can take years and new approaches are often required. He explains that this form of cooperation is a privilege. “We understand one another without the need for lengthy discussion,” he notes. He also feels that it is important to include his employees in the process. “If we spend a great deal of time on developing and testing a new product, then find we have to start again from a different angle after suffering a setback, but in the end succeed in coming up with a unique product for our client, this gives the team a strong sense of identity.” This approach has also strengthened the trust between Simon Bernath and his personnel.

He says he would like to encourage more young people to consider this vocation. This year he is training another textile technologist, but he has grown conscious of the fact that young people have a different understanding of the nature of the profession. They want a job that offers variety and challenge, but are often not aware that lasting success calls for a great deal of patience. “I would like to set a good example and show people what they can achieve if they are open-minded and have the confidence to address problems and experiment, and at the same time to repeatedly question themselves.”

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Simon Bernath runs TTS Inova AG with 18 employees in Thayngen. The company develops and produces decorative trimmings for the home textiles segment and special tapes and ropes for use in the construction, automotive, machinery, glass and steel industries.

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