Mirjam Matti Gähwiler — 06.05.2019

“We spend a large proportion of our life asleep, but pay little attention to what we wear in bed,” explains Catarina Dahlin. She and her partner, Andreas Lenzhofer, are the founders of Dagsmejan. Their mission is to improve the quality of our sleep, at first glance in a simple way by designing sleepwear so that it helps us sleep better.

They first conceived this idea when pursuing their leisure-time activities: “We both do a lot of sport and found that the right clothing was always important,” says Andreas Lenzhofer. Outdoor clothing has recently undergone a radical change in terms of functionality. “But in the field of sleepwear we have witnessed very little innovation in recent years,” notes Andreas Lenzhofer. He and Catarina Dahlin want to rectify this.

Catarina Dahlin und Andreas Lenzhofer, the founder of Dagsmejan Ventures AG
Catarina Dagsmejan Andreas Dagsmejan

Andreas Lenzhofer

“In the field of sleepwear we have witnessed very little innovation in recent years.”

Joint mission

Before their first collection was brought onto the market, they carried out research for around 18 months into material, cut and design. They also called on the services of a sleep researcher from Stockholm in order to gain a better understanding of the body’s physiological requirements while asleep, and thus to be able to assess the effects of functional sleepwear on the quality of sleep. The research findings, including the material tests carried out by Empa (Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), were convincing and played a significant role in the marketing process. They were also an important factor in the development of an efficient distribution network. “We did not put forward a standard concept, but chose to look for partners who assisted in the development of sleepwear products and were enthusiastic about our mission,” says Catarina Dahlin. Their products are sold by bed and sleepwear stores, specialist retailers, wellness and health resorts, as well as their own online shop. “Our greatest motivation is feedback from our customers. When people write and tell us they sleep better and wake up more refreshed since they started using our sleepwear, this is the best confirmation that we’re on the right track,” says Catarina Dahlin.


Dagsmejan Ventures AG was established in 2016 by Catarina Dahlin and Andreas Lenzhofer. They and their team develop functional sleepwear which they sell worldwide. “Dagsmejan” is a Swedish word that refers to the last days of winter when the warmth of the sun’s rays causes the snow to thaw. This is the period during which nature reawakens after a cold and dark winter – a sensation that can be likened to that experienced by people who use Dagsmejan sleepwear. www.dagsmejan.ch.

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