Nina Bachmann — 11.07.2018

Swiss Textiles firmly believes in the social and economic benefits of sustainable textile production and business practice, and regards this as a major opportunity for the future of our industry.

Our members are already taking steps today to manufacture their products in as resource-friendly a manner as possible. In today’s competitive global market it is essential to make optimal use of this unique selling point.
Swiss Textiles is committed to ensuring that its members can develop along a tried-and-tested, voluntary path towards greater sustainability, and that international coordination can be assured. In our view, sustainability is a three-dimensional concept in which ecological, social and economic factors have to be taken into account. The employment, ecological and economic standards of Swiss companies are already at a very high level in an international comparison, but are nonetheless subject to an ongoing, voluntary and self-initiated optimisation process.
The same standards apply to everyone, regardless of the production location. It is essential for the focus to always be on the entire life cycle of a textile, from raw material through to production and subsequent disposal or recycling. At both the political and the regulatory level, autonomous action by Switzerland would not be expedient. In an effort to secure international coordination, Swiss Textiles engages in dialogue with non-governmental organisations, the federal government and Euratex, the European umbrella association for the textiles industry.

We take steps to support our members in the following areas:
• Education
• Sustainability network
• Technology
• Sustainability communication
• Assistance with improvement measures
• Codes of conduct
• Exchanges in the context of sustainability
• Labelling
• Swiss Textiles industry solutions
• Health and safety solutions (Swiss Coordinating Committee for Industrial Safety, EKAS)
• Swiss organic fabrics

Nina Bachmann

Nina Bachmann

Sustainability, Technology, Member of the management board
T: +41 44 289 79 02

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