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Serge Ferrari develops incombustible Stamisol Safe One

A textile that can save lives

Mud Jeans Netherlands Swisstextiles

Circular economy

Consumption of the future?

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Creating transparency

Yvonne Reichmuth Swiss Textiles 97 Rgb

Yvonne Reichmuth, Founder of YvY

Everything sooner or later comes back to you

Simon Bernath Swiss Textiles 72 Rgb

Simon Bernath, CEO of tts inova ag

Focus on clients’ needs

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Artikel -

HeiQ Wins Prestigious and Coveted Swiss Technology Award 2020

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Urs Rickenbacher, CEO of Lantal Textiles AG

Innovative within the team

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Joint industry statement

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Making the world a better place

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Jakob Schlaepfer AG

Start of a new era in the field of textiles

Annual report 2018

Strong export growth thanks to technical textiles

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Design Prize Switzerland

Sustainability is the future of our industry



Sustainable Textiles Switzerland 2030

World Textile School

Swiss Textiles supports World Textile Forum

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What we really mean when we speak of "textile recycling"

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Création Baumann AG, Langenthal

“Durability is the best contribution towards sustainability”

Cover Zimmermann

Trends in Tehnologie

“Innovation is a dry bread that has to be chewed.”