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Kontext Annual

Kontext also organises an annual event that picks up on the topics addressed in past Kontext View events and delves into them more deeply while examining new aspects. It presents business cases from various industries that can act as impulses and stimuli for other sectors. Kontext Annual is interdisciplinary and non-seasonal.

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Firday, 30 august 2019
Kino Kosmos Zurich

Speakers from the fields of design, applied arts, research and industry provide insights into their activities and the issues they are currently involved with and fascinated by. Design-related achievements, projects and pioneering technologies are also presented at these events. Pursuing an interdisciplinary understanding of trends means identifying the drivers behind pioneering developments.

Kontext addresses designers in all segments, as well as business managers, buyers and marketing and communication specialists.

The Kontext Gallery exhibition is also part of these events. The exhibition presents objects, images, structures and materials that visualise these complex topics and make them tangible.

Kontext Annual is a cooperation event betewwn Swiss Textiles und Design Prize Switzerland
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Pictures from Kontext Annual 2018

Swiss Textiles Kontext 054
Swiss Textiles Kontext 024
Swiss Textiles Kontext 039

Keynote Speaker Lucy Siegle.

Keynote Speaker Lucy Siegle.

Swiss Textiles Kontext 029

Julian Lings from The North Face.

Julian Lings from The North Face.

Swiss Textiles Kontext 031
Swiss Textiles Kontext 033
Swiss Textiles Kontext 036
Swiss Textiles Kontext 032
Swiss Textiles Kontext 049
Swiss Textiles Kontext 059

Kontext Annual 2017

Bildquellen: Christian Hersche, Melvin Zöller