Café Europe — 11.07.2022

Langenthal - The textiles manufacturer Création Baumann is launching two new sound-absorbent fabrics. These allow rooms to be flexibly designed for various applications without the need for any structural measures.

The textiles specialist Création Baumann, which is headquartered in Langenthal in the canton of Bern, has launched two new acoustic fabrics on the market. The textiles Sonic Melt and Sonic Plus both boast high levels of sound-absorption and, according to a press release, are well-suited to creating flexible, acoustically shielded zones within rooms.

These functional acoustic solutions are aesthetically pleasing with a homely appearance on both the front and reverse of the fabric. They can be used to create quiet areas with acoustic privacy in offices as well as in private rooms. “The textiles specialist is therefore responding to modern, hybrid room concepts” - i.e. open floor plans that can be divided into different zones with the help of acoustic fabrics and flexibly used depending on the situation without the need for any structural measures.

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