Café Europe — 20.05.2022

Langenthal BE - Lantal, the manufacturer of highly technical textiles for the transport industry, is supplying the seat covers for Deutsche Bahn’s new ICE 3neo trains. The reworked design concept for its long-distance train fleet was developed in conjunction with the Zurich-based design agency Nose Design Experience.
Lantal supplies the seat covers for Deutsche Bahn's new ICE 3neo trains. Image credit: DB AG / Max Lautenschläger
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Lantal has played a key role in the design concept for the new ICE 3neo long-distance trains operated by Deutsche Bahn (DB). The company’s focus here was on the seats in both first and second class. The manufacturer of highly technical textiles for the transport industry will provide the seat covers for the next-generation ICE fleet, Lantal writes as part of a LinkedIn post. The new trains are set commence operations from 2023 onwards.

Deutsche Bahn presented the newly designed interiors of its future ICE fleet on May 18. When redesigning the interior, DB designers were supported by experts from the Zurich-based design agency Nose Design Experience. Among other aspects, the agency specializes in transportation design and has already worked for SBB, the Rhaetian Railway and the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn.

According to a press release issued by Deutsche Bahn, the covers of the newly designed ICE seats are made of high-quality fabric comprising 85 percent wool. Because the trains will be in use for several decades, “long-lasting, hard-wearing materials are necessary” alongside a timeless design, DB writes. The materials in question have been extensively and intensively tested for abrasion, light resistance and cleaning results. Ultimately, Lantal was awarded the contract for this.

“We are thrilled and super excited to see the result, Deutsche Bahn”, Lantal writes on LinkedIn, adding that: “This new ICE Interior design will elevate passenger experience to another level”. It rounds off the post by expressly thanking Deutsche Bahn and Nose Design for being “valued and trusted” partners during such turbulent times.

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