Café Europe — 29.06.2022

Zurich/Langenthal - The design collective Studio Komplett has launched its multi-style carpet range Overlay. Production is being handled by the Langenthal-based textiles manufacturer Lantal.

The design collective Studio Komplett has launched Overlay, a line of carpets featuring a range of styles. The three designs – Neonstray, Cubycloud and Rayday – were produced by Lantal Textiles AG in Langenthal in the canton of Bern.

The colourful carpets are made of wool from New Zealand and combine quality design and skilled workmanship. The stencil technique used allows for different layers of shape and color to be achieved, resulting in "unusual shapes, strong colors and fascinating overlays”, writes the company. With their colorful designs, the floor coverings are more reminiscent of art prints than classic carpets.

According to Studio Komplett, the multi-layered nature of the carpet range can be compared to the multi-layered approach of the start-up founded in 2019. The four designers bring expertise in architecture, interior design, textile and ornamental design, color theory and graphics. Studio Komplett works for private customers and clients from the catering, hotel, retail and office sectors. Its holistic and interdisciplinary process generates "well considered, creative and sustainable projects".

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